Rules for visits and recommendations

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the Interpretation Centre and thus protect the heritage value which is inside the enclosure, the City Council of Guadix, under current legislation, has established some basic rules to be taken into account when its facilities are visited.

During your visit to the Museum, it is not allowed to:

· Smoke in its enclosure and in annexed facilities. (Act 28/2005, Article 7, of 26th December).

· Access inside the museum with pets, with the exception of assistance dogs.

· Run, push or impede the circulation of the rest of visitors, block entrance and exit areas, cause agglomerations and speak in a high tone of voice.

· Drop any object on the ground.

· Sit, stand, move or manipulate any mechanism of the museum: screen, lights, glass cabinets, panels, etc.

· Film and take any picture in the inside.

Such behaviours, as well as any other which supposes a damage for the facilities, the funds of the Centre and the visitors themselves, will be cause of immediate expulsion of the enclosure. The carrying out of guided visits to the regional Museum involves the full acceptance of the regulations concerning the museum.